Tax Services

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Corporation Taxes

The Canadian tax system is not for the faint of heart! Our job is to help you understand how the system works and how it affects you. From filing your tax return, to assessments, objections and appeals, we are here to help.  We provide everything you need to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly, and tax issues are handled appropriately.

Kirk Campbell, CPA has successfully helped many corporations avoid being audited by the CRA and has achieved favourable results during the audit, post-audit, and objection stages

Our Corporate Tax Accounting Includes
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Corporate income tax election forms and designations
  • Estimates and calculations for various transactions
  • Appeals of audit assessments
  • Salary and Dividend Considerations
  • Coordinating corporate income tax inquiries and government audits
Benefits to You
  • Many years of experience in tax accounting, filing, and representation
  • Attention to detail that is second to none
  • Specialized on the issues related to owner managed corporations
  • A communication style that ensures you are always informed and remain in compliance with regulatory and taxation requirements
Personal and Family Taxes

Trying to decipher the tax rules on your own? We offer a wide range of tax services to ensure that you remain compliant with tax regulations and be aware of current tax planning opportunities to reduce your personal and family tax burden. Why not make sure that you get the right advice the first time.

We work to develop an understanding of your goals and will recommend pro-active steps you should take now to ensure you are prepared for the future.

Personal tax can be straight-forward in some situations; however, for many individuals it is a complex and highly technical area of expertise. Whether someone is self-employed or has a variety of income sources such as rental properties and dividend-paying equities, each taxpayer has their own unique tax filing requirements and tax-saving opportunities.

As a full-service accounting firm, we offer a wide range of personal tax services to meet your needs. We go far beyond simply filing a personal tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency, we will guide you through the various corners of the Canadian tax system. Additionally, to make the process as easy as possible for our Clients, we customize our approach based on your individual and family situation and needs.

These are some of the Personal tax services we provide
  • Income Tax Preparation (T1s)
  • Personal tax planning
  • Sole-proprietorship tax assistance
  • Real Estate Transactions and Rental Property Tax Considerations
  • CRA audit assistance
Charity and Non-Profit Tax Services

Reporting for Charities and Non-Profit organizations presents unique challenges and requirements, choosing the right accountant is important to ensure that you meet board and funding agencies reporting deadlines and deliverables. These Financial reporting requirements can in some cases be more than what is required for a for profit organization. With limited resources and restrictions on administrative expenditures these organization must operate efficiently to meet mandate, having an accountant who knows the industry is paramount to success.

These are some of the Charity and Non-Profit tax services we provide

  • T3010 charity return
  • Public Service  Bodies HST Rebate
  • Property tax rebate
  • NPO Tax and Information return
GST/HST New Housing Rebate

If you have purchased a new home (including a condominium) or substantially renovated your own home, you may be eligible to receive up to a $30,000 GST/HST rebate on the total amount paid.
The GST/HST new housing rebate and new residential rental property rebate is comprised of a federal and provincial portion. The federal portion of the GST/HST New Housing Rebate is equal to a maximum of $6,000. The federal credit is applicable to new houses with a purchase price of no more than $450,000, while the provincial credit is awarded on a graded scale as the purchase price of the property increases to the maximum of $24,000 on all homes with a purchase price greater than $450,000.

Home buyers may be eligible to apply for the rebate if they have:

  • Purchased a newly constructed home or condo
  • Built or substantially renovated a home
  • Contracted someone to build a house on their behalf
  • Added a major addition to a home
Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable credit, available when an individual is certified by an appropriate medical practitioner as having a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment (or a number of ailments) that significantly restricts the individual’s ability to perform a basic activity of daily living. Examples of such impairments include, but are not limited to, vision, speaking, hearing, walking, feeding, dressing, life-sustaining therapy, and mental functions necessary for everyday life.
In order to be eligible for the disability tax credit the effects of impairment must have existed, or are expected to exist, for at least 12 months and are severe enough that even with therapy and the use of appropriate devices and medication, the individual is still restricted at least 90% of the time from performing daily functions. To claim the disability tax credit, the individual (or a representative) must file Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit Certificate, which must be signed by a specified medical practitioner.
If the disabled individual does not require the full amount of the disability tax credit to eliminate taxes payable, the unused portion may be transferred to supporting relatives. Lastly, as is often the case, individuals can carry a disability for years without being accurately diagnosed, thankfully the disability tax credit can be claimed for up to 10 years retroactively.

We offer the following services for the Disability Tax Credit:

  • Disability Tax Credit eligibility assessment
  • Assistance with preparing and filing the Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201)
  • Assessing eligibility for related disability and/or caregiver credits
  • Filing your personal income tax return and related disability tax credit schedules